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Mini-Series - Part 6

The night continued on with the full moon out,
as the sun peeked up from the horizon, it had signaled the beginning of the new morning.
I saw Lily had walked downstairs into the kitchen in her pajamas, still sleepy, then her eyes opened up right away as soon as she saw me, like a deer facing headlights.
She sat the furthest away from me at the table,
avoiding eye contact and focusing on the food.

Breakfast began with everyone, including their parents.
This reminded me of when Jason and I were younger
when I would sleep over at his house many years ago.
Those were good times.

With a stroke of coincidence,
Lily and I were delegated to the task of dish washing.
After minutes of silence, I said, grinning, "Last night really happened?"

She nodded, her cheeks reddening due to embarrassment.
"I wanted to see you happy even if it is only a bit."

"Thanks for being supportive, but it is a bit weird. You're like a sister to me."

"Why were you sad?" She…

Mini-Series - Part 5

I shifted myself subtly on the couch,
but enough for Lily to notice.

She backed away quickly,  her cheeks flushed, especially after seeing me awake.
"I'm really sorry," she said, panicked and embarrassed. "I should head to bed now."
"What was all of that just now?" I asked after sitting up.
"I really regret it right now,  but I was so close to you, watching, that it...  just happened."
"It's okay, although a little odd since you're like a sister to me," I replied, "but if your brother hears about this, he's going to kill me."
She was initially crestfallen, but
soon after giggled, putting her hand up to her mouth. "That's true. It's our little secret. Good night, Ken. I hope you feel better soon."
When I was alone, after it had been all done and said, when I found out that it was only Lily, I was disappointed it was only her.
My heart still yearns for Emily,
but something inside began to chang…

Mini-Series - Part 4

The next time I regained consciousness,
I was lost for a moment
in both time and space,
until I realized I was still on the couch
given the fact that a soft cushion was under me.

Did I just fall asleep on the couch unnoticed?

It was a stressful week from work
aside from the drama with Emily,
maybe Jason left me alone to get some rest.

In the midst of my thoughts,
I realized just now that my lips was connected to another.
My first thought was Emily.

Then I sniffed the surrounding area,
the sweet floral scent of peach apricot floating in the air.
Was this a dream?

I could hear my heart beat pulsing quickly all over my body,
each of my muscles were tightening from their relaxed state,
then I finally opened my eyes
to witness an unlikely scenario.

Although I was so close that I could only see
her closed eyes,
her nose,
and a few strands of black hair falling forwards over her face,
I knew who it was.


Mini-Series - Part 3

Lily. I never actually noticed how much she had grown.
She turned out to be really cute
in her navy blue dot print blazer,
dark blue jeans,
white blouse,
and the fact that she was still single too.

But I'm not surprised,
given that Jason is overprotective of her.

"Ken, what are you thinking?"
Jason raised his left eyebrow, puzzled.
"You've been staring off into the distance."

I sighed. "It's nothing. Tired.
Do you mind if I stay the night here?
Some of Emily's stuff is still at my place,
and it's so suffocating being alone there."

"Sure thing, anything for a friend."

"I'm grateful of your support through these times."
I slapped my hand against his back,
appreciative of his response.

Then I couldn't remember anything else afterward,
but darkness had enveloped me.

Mini-Series - Part 2

"It's Ken! I can't believe it's been a while!"
A female voice yelled from across the room, and it got louder by each second until she was right beside my ears.
I didn't bother to look up from within my arms. Judging from her voice, I knew who she was.
Black, shoulder-length hair. Usually tied up into two ponytails.
Round-shaped glasses. Braces. Chubby cheeks,
but she has lost some weight from what I last remember.
"Lily, can you please be quiet?" Jason scolded her.
"Why? What's up?" She sounded worried and sincere.
"Not now. Later." Jason flicked her away in a hurry, annoyed.

Lily glared at her older brother.
"Fine, but you better tell me later!"

When Lily left the room, Jason sighed, "Sorry about that. Girls these days..."

"It's okay, I quite like how she can always be positive.
It makes me wish I had that right now."
I finally looked up at Lily getting something to eat in the kitchen.

Mini-Series - Part 1

As the title says, this is a mini project series that I'm going to do as a test run. It is related to a writing project (Tentative Title: Yamagata Detective Agency) in terms of format that I've been planning and thinking about for quite a bit. I'm not sure how long this mini-series will go on as I haven't even thought that far aside from the first few parts... but well let's see how it goes! Hope you enjoy this first part! =)

I heaved myself onto a chair,
and slammed my face against the table in front of me
with a sigh afterwards.
Jason asked, "Are you still sad after the break-up with Emily?"

"Do you even need to ask the obvious?"
I looked at him after rolling my eyes.

"There's so many fish in the sea that are better than her."
Jason stretched out his hands dramatically.
"Don't let her bring you down."

I turned to face him with a stone look.
"Can you get even cheesier than that?"

"Hey, don't hi…

Planning Stages

I've been thinking of a story series idea for the past week. It's a format that I'm not used to (even after reading what other people did in the same genre), so I just thought of this test run idea of a mini series on this blog. I'm not sure how long it will be since I just thought of it aside from thinking of the first few parts. That's why it's only a mini series. It is not related to the writing project though. Not even related to the same genre.

I don't want to say anything too much without concrete information in case I want to take it back later on. The project is still in the planning stages. I did think of the characters (that I will talk about a bit later in this post), the setting, the opening arc, etc. I'll say what I feel comfortable with. I hope to have the project ready to with the first chapter sometime later this year... (I really hope not at the end of the year).
The idea originated from a collaboration that I was going to do with a goo…

Flash Fiction #26

I'll have more information in the coming days, but I'm going to be doing a test run of a mini-series for a particular format that I'm thinking of doing for my next writing project. Hope you look forward to it, and hope you enjoy this particular story~ ^_^


"Wow, this is the first time playing basketball after 5 years or so," I said after a friend passed the ball to me, and caught it. "I'm going to be so bad."

"Don't worry so much. We're all not that good, so let's all just enjoy and have fun."

"If you say so, but I don't want to embarrass myself," I muttered so that no one else could hear me.

I set up my shot and stared at the basketball hoop to aim where I was going to shoot. Then I bent my knees, relaxed my muscles and took a deep breath to calm the nerves.

The left hand is only for support. Just jump, flick my wrist, and shoot.

I watched as the basketball left my right hand and soared through the air. The tr…

Flash Fiction #25

I've been thinking about my other projects (ie. my WIPs, my new project) the past couple of days (not including work), so I've been neglecting this blog. Sorry about that. I just thought of a new idea at this very moment... Hope you enjoy =)

Huff huff.

I have to get away as fast as possible.

In the middle of winter up north, goosebumps were everywhere on me due to the chilly wind and snow. I cursed under my breath, "It's a fricking blizzard!" I was in a hurry so I didn't take any jacket, and as I was running; I was clutching my stomach in pain. I glanced down to look at my bloody hand trying to apply pressure on my wound on the side of my lower torso. Even though it was so cold, my hand was so warm for a brief second each time a couple drops of blood left my body. Earlier in the day, I was kidnapped and tied up here in the middle of nowhere. I barely escaped after finding the perfect time, injuring one but they shot me as I scrambled away.

I gulped as I l…