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Flash Fiction #36 - Calis

After reading through old posts that I wrote, I had planned to write some short snippets of side stories for some minor characters in my epic WIP, Twins, which will be part of a bigger series called the Crystalite Saga. I only wrote one so far, which was Nanashi, the Demon Slayer (aka Ian), the badass white-haired scythe-wielding fighter. This short side story will be about Calis, an average girl who wants to know what it is like to be strong.


"Mother? What happened to you?" Calis opened the front door to their home and dropped the basket of fruits and vegetables to see her on the floor, crying.

Upon a closer look, she saw parts of her mother's dress was torned and her hair was a  mess. Her mother shook her head and got up, shrugging her shoulders. "It's nothing, dear."

"Oh my god! Let me get you something for that bruise." Calis saw it underneath her mother's right eye and went to their freezer for a slab of frozen meat.

"The only th…