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Flash Fiction #42

I was inspired by recent events to write this. Sorry for the sad tone, but hope you enjoy!


I walked inside the front entrance to be greeted by someone where I signed in at the front desk. After having my name crossed off, I walked inside into a somber place. It was quiet, and there was a constant low buzzing noise in the background to ensure there was absolutely no silence in the room. Some people arrived already and sat in their seats. After stopping for a moment to take a full breath before continuing further into the deafening silence, I didn't think I would see her after so many years. It was a surprise to get that phone call a couple of days ago. Her voice sounded the same, but sad.

She stood at the end of the middle aisle with her mother in tears. She wore a conservative black dress, and I stared forward at the casket that rested her father inside it. I could feel and hear every step I took down the aisle as I walked past people sitting there, some with tissues to wipe t…

My Impressions of Our Little Sister

I recently watched a Japanese movie called Our Little Sister, the English title from Umimachi Diary, directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2015. It is based from a manga by the same name created by Akimi Yoshida. The movie falls under the slice of life genre, where for the most part, it is devoid of unnecessary drama that many other movies try to create their story around. I actually like the slower pace that the director took in making the movie as the cinematography is really nice. It allows the viewers to take in the sights and admire the surroundings. 
Before I get ahead of myself, the story focuses on three sisters: the oldest sister, Sachi Kouda (played by Haruka Ayase), the middle sister, Yoshino Kouda (played by Masami Nagasawa), and the youngest sister, Chika Kouda (played by Kaho). They live together who have inherited the house from their grandmother. Their parents divorced due to their father having an affair, and he left them.…

Flash Fiction #41

I saw this interesting writing prompt on Reddit... It inspired me to write a short scene about it. Hope you enjoy!

"The only place to eat for miles is the Asian restaurant attached to the gas station. The food is great, but their fortune cookies always come true."

(Note: I guess this doesn't really qualify as a flash fiction as it got a bit too long...)

"You hungry?" Sam glanced over at Rachel in the passenger seat beside him.

Rachel tapped her chin as she pondered on the status of her stomach. Then she heard her stomach gurgled, and her face turned a bit red. "Hmm... I actually am."

"Perfect. The sign says there is a restaurant coming up ahead at the next exit."

"But it has only a Chinese restaurant. Where's a McDonald's when you need one..."

Sam laughed. "If you want to wait another hour driving, you can have y…