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Flash Fiction #11

Idea started by a writing prompt: "Begin the story with this sentence: When the phone rang at midnight I knew..."

End the story with this sentence: "I should have trusted my instincts."


When the phone rang at midnight I knew who and what it was for. When the time came, I prayed it wouldn't happen and that my doubts from the past several months would remain unconfirmed. After staring at the wireless phone for five seconds in a pitch dark room, I reached over from the couch to the coffee table in the middle of the living room to answer the call. I asked, "David, is it what I told you earlier?"

"What do you want to hear first? The good news, or bad news?"

"There's a choice?" I replied with confusion, "Good news sound right at this moment."

David start to chuckle to make light of the news, "You were over thinking everything as usual, so that's the good news."

I wiped off a couple of drops of sweat and g…

Flash Fiction #10

The idea was used from a random writing prompt generator: "Think about something that happened at school that you will remember for a long time. Tell what happened."


All throughout my school life from elementary to university, I have always been labelled the shy quiet kid. I sometimes felt that my presence in the class was invisible and nobody really noticed me. One of the few moments where I had the spotlight for 5 seconds was when I wasn't even there. How ironic is that? But because of that, it is something that I won't forget even if I was never there to experience it. My imagination from what a few classmates told me helped create the memory.

On the day I was absent, we had a substitute teacher for math. She was a nice person, but had no control over the students in our class. Some of my classmates had made fun of her behind her back, and even though I admit sometimes it was funny, it wasn't particularly kind to do that. The times before when she was our…

Background about Swish!

This story idea began when I decided to participate at National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2011. I didn't succeed at the 50,000 word limit but I really like the story that I had outlined and partially crafted to want to finish it for real. Like with Blossoms of Spring where the influence of the story comes from anime and manga, Swish! has that influence as well. The main characters that I thought at the time came from a story that I had drafted in high school. It was called "The Trio" where I had based a number of main characters on my close friends with that anime influence. I had always wanted to write a story based on my friends. At the beginning it was sort of a parody of a combination of various anime, manga and TV shows that I had watched. From the unoriginal development of the story, I somehow made an original idea of the story that I really liked that was buried underneath the fanfiction idea. The story had hit a stall at a point in the story where for so…

Flash Fiction #9

As I was sitting alone at one of the tables in the cafeteria for lunch, I noticed today that she was only sitting a table away from me with her group of friends. I was instantly attracted to her since the beginning of the year, and I started to have a crush on her. Even though we never talk before, I felt that I knew a little bit of her personality by observing her every day of the school year at lunch. However if she ever looked in my direction, I would immediately look down at my food out of shyness until I can watch her again. Her clumsy and goofy expression whenever she said or did something funny. Her angry frustrated expression when a teasing gone for way too long at her own expense. Her embarrassed expression when people made fun of her mistakes. The only face that I did not see was her tears. I don't wish for any ill-fated news upon her, but my curiosity had piqued my imagination. However more importantly, her smile was the only expression that I wanted to see on her face.…

Flash Fiction #8

"I told you he was no good from the very beginning."

I picked up a well-folded letter from the table and read it again. I asked after I peeked from the letter to look at my friend Jessica, "It may not be what we think it is. He's a good guy."

"Are you still defending him after reading that?" She argued, "I know that you have feelings for him, and it seemed that he felt the same way towards you. But I think your emotions are blinding you from seeing the truth in this matter. He was only playing around."

I pleaded, "But you've already seen what he was like. He's not that type of person because he's a nice guy. I really think there is some sort of plausible explanation for this."

She shrugged her shoulders, "If you want to get hurt in the end, then you can continue with this. I'm only saying this because you're my friend, and I don't want you to get hurt and disappointed."

I could tell that there was …

Background about Sky

Much like the Crystalite Saga, Project Sky is another important story to me. It was originally labelled as Project Disgaea because in grade 10 of high school, my friend and I had wanted to do our own Disgaea sequel because we really loved playing the Disgaea series! We would based it off of the first game in the series and added in a couple of original characters into the already existing cast of characters. It would be a mix of light hearted and serious moments like in the first game. I guess it would be like fanfiction if the story was started. Sadly it didn't get that far because my friend didn't want to ruin our scope of Project Disgaea, so he pulled away from the story to start his own. To say the least, he felt his ideas and original characters had clashed with the overall feel of the story so I think he didn't want to change the story because of him. It would have been more of his story than our story. It was a change of creative vision between the both of us. Howev…

Background about the Crystalite Saga (Twins, The God Sword, and hopefully many more titles in the future)

As from my previous post, the Crystalite Saga is one of my oldest stories that I have around, or at least the oldest recorded story that I can find. I remember from the very first draft in grade 7, the biggest influence for the story came from two sources: the Harry Potter book series, and the Lord of the Ring movies. Especially after watching the Lord of the Ring movies, I really wanted to create a fantasy world with mythical creatures, and an epic journey with both good and bad characters. The sad thing about the story is that I never actually finish writing a draft for it. I always ended up going half way through a draft before tearing it apart and restarting from scratch. It could be because I wasn't satisfied with the story, the writing was plain horrible (ie. Every time I read through one of my old drafts I just laugh at the corniness in my writing), or my computer hard drive just died one day. I remember the first draft I had titled: "The Legend of Sir Alexander Willia…

Flash Fiction #7 - Nanashi, the Demon Slayer

This flash fiction comes from an original idea years ago from my story "The God Sword". It's on hold at the moment, but it's one of 3 stories that are really important to me. I have other ideas for other stories so The God Sword is put on hold until then. This gives me time to improve as a writer so that I don't compromise my vision of the story. I want The God Sword and the two other titles (Twins and Sky) to be in the best quality possible when I decide to continue where I left off.

This gives me the idea that in the mean time, I can do these short snippets on the secondary characters to draw out their character that you may not see in the main storyline (since obviously the focus will be on the main characters) =O

This will be about Ian aka Nanashi, the Demon Slayer. Also note, I thought of The God Sword when I was like grade 7-10, and I thought scythes were the definition of cool. Therefore Ian's weapon is a scythe. =b In addition the reason his hair is w…