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My Impressions of The Snow White Murder Case

I recently watched the Japanese movie, The Snow White Murder Case. Overall, I found it interesting. The movie is a murder mystery type of story, but it is told through multiple perspectives where one of the characters is an entertainment reporter investigating on the incident for his TV network to broadcast. We don't see anything from the police's point of view. There is a high focus on social media with Twitter being the main tool that is used in the movie. The movie is about the murder of Noriko Miki who worked at a cosmetics company. The entertainment reporter, Yuji Akahoshi, starts to investigate about the incident through an university friend, Risako Kana, who happens to work at the same company as the victim. The primary suspect for the case as told from Risako is Miki Shirono, another co-worker that works at the same cosmetics company. That is because Miki disappeared the night of the murder.

Throughout the whole movie, Yuji asks questions to various people and we get …