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New Year's Eve

It's almost the end of 2012! I feel as if time really went by fast as the beginning of the year still feels fresh in my mind. It feels fitting as this is my first blog posting. =)

The purpose to this blog would be sharing bits and pieces of my thoughts from time to time. It would be a place where my thoughts are gathered. In addition, I am an amateur writer and it would be a good place to practice my writing skills in the form of possible flash fictions or short stories when I get a good idea to start off. I hope you'll enjoy that when they go up from time to time...

One of my resolution for next year would be to try to write at least a minimum of 1000 words each week on one of my working stories or short stories since I didn't really do as much writing as I would have hope last year.

As I'm new to blogging, I'm still learning what to and how to formulate on what to write on a blog for a posting so everything is a learning process. I'm quite confused of this id…