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Flash Fiction #24

Sorry for the random idea for this flash fiction story. I felt like writing this out, and I'm not sure where this will go. Let's see... Hope you enjoy =)

"That design looks cool," I said as I was browsing through a kiosk at a mall.

A friend who was working at the same kiosk leaned over to take a closer look. "That looks nice. It's a very cool and simple design. Do you want to wear it to see if it feels comfortable?"

"Sure." I nodded and watched her get the keys to unlock the door of the glass display to get the ring. After placing it on the palm of my left hand, she said, "I'll go check the price of it."

"Thanks." I held it carefully with two fingers and turned it over, noticing just how small and light was the ring. The inside of the ring had an engraving saying it was stainless steel, and matched my stainless steel watch. I tried putting it on and it slid so easily through my fingers. I chuckled silently at the bi…


Hi all!

Today I would like to talk about an inspiration for quite a lot of my recent ideas, short stories, and WIPs. I think I've known this group since around 2007. They are Wong Fu Productions! Yay! My first video that I watch of them would have to be "Just a Nice Guy" back in 2007.

The main members and co-founders of Wong Fu Productions are Phillip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu. They make such interesting, non-cliche, moving and emotional stories. It's very real, and has that simplistic feel. Some of them are minimalist and they don't have dialogue, which requires the viewer to use their imagination but the story doesn't suffer. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but the music and directing really helps bring out stories that touch most of the fans. A lot of their short films are romance-based, and I have to say that a lot of my ideas/emotional impact stemmed from that. They do light comedy sketches here and there in between the serious drama stori…

Flash Fiction #23

This flash fiction story was inspired by my first cottage trip the past week. This is dedicated to the group of friends that I cherish and think deeply about every single day. (P.S. You know who you are ^^).

Hope you enjoy this really short idea (out of possibly many more)!


The past weeks leading up to this day have been a long wait. I sat in the back seat of one of my friend's car, looking outside at the passing scenery at the side of the highway. My legs and hands would always tremble from nervousness, but this time was different. The shakes came from excitement and pure joy.

"We're almost there. Are you excited?" A friend turned around to ask me, smiling.

I looked at her, trying to show my biggest smile yet. "Of course! I've been looking forward to this day since the idea first started months ago."

Then the car made a turn into the forest of trees, and went both up and down the dirt path before slowing down to a halt at the front of the cottage. …

Flash Fiction #22

I have a little update to say on upcoming projects. I have 3 short stories that are in revision at the moment, and probably the closest in being released soon compared to my longer WIPs. Aside from the editing and probably outside help on proofreaders from friends when I ask, I need to come up with actual cover designs. Thankfully I have some ideas but need to somehow take pictures of them. Even though it sounds like there isn't much work left, it is still a lot of work.

Another update is that a friend told me about cell phone novels. Technically speaking, she told me like 4 years ago or something but I was re-acquainted recently with cell phone novels by the same person (which she has no memory of telling me before). I do have a main idea for that sort of genre, but am going to need to plan it out a bit more... plus have to get together a cover design in the mean time which I do have some ideas... I also have to read some examples about cell phone novels to get a feel for them...…

Flash Fiction #21

While listening to some music, I took another look at a short idea that I had shelved earlier. Hope it makes sense and you enjoy it. :)
There's a project that I'm thinking of starting soon. It's still in the planning stages, so I don't want to say anything until I have a clearer focus on what's the story, character, setting, style, etc. I just wanted to say something...

After one year went by, I finally got myself up bit by bit. Beforehand, each day was a chore to get up in the morning to come to school. I never told anyone what I thought,  not even to my parents to avoid their worries. Every time I came to school, I would avoid all of my classmates' eyes and tried my best to blend into the background. I always thought to want to live a solitary life after what happened one year ago.
Things changed four years later.
I met a friend and through her, I got to meet many more people to fill in the loneliness. Time made me forget the sadness and pain from tha…

Flash Fiction #20

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Work has been busy. Too tired to think after work. Brainstorming ideas is different though. They just come naturally. It's the weekend now! Yay! For this flash fiction, I had a somewhat sad idea in draft but I thought of a more happier idea just now. I hope it makes sense. The sad idea will come later. Hope you enjoy! ~~~Just a couple of minutes ago would be one of my happiest memories I would treasure until the day I die. I was waiting in a long line to meet my idol. Even though I came an hour early, there was so many people waiting before I arrived. It made me think that she had really captured our mind and heart. She was simply perfect. Her straight flowing black hair going below her shoulders looked like there was no split ends, or any strands of hair out of place. She looked at each fan with her bright and shining brown eyes. Even in front of her fans, or with other people she would keep being understanding and cute no matter how what.…

Flash Fiction #19

Writing on a tablet still feels odd for me, at least for writing stories. I'm still more comfortable typing on a physical keyboard. But I can't use that excuse to not update the blog for 3 weeks, however my writing for my WIPs are on hold since I don't have my computer. I did think of a partial idea yesterday for a flash fiction story. Hope you enjoy! :)


"Aurora, is that you?" I asked, surprised to see her walking passed me just a moment ago.

She turned around, and smiled after taking a couple of seconds of looking at me. We met each other half way, and she greeted, "I wasn't expecting to see you here, Jackie. Out on a date?"

I took my hands out from my pockets to scratch at my chin. "Not really. My mom wanted to do some shopping, so I figured I wanted to accompany her just to walk around. I've been inside my room all day. What about you?"

She laughed, and I remembered the good old days being with her. "I'm just lookin…

Flash Fiction #18

As I said in the previous post, I'm writing on a tablet. This is a first. I'm really not sure how it will look like, and I'm not used to typing on a tablet compared to a desktop. Forgive me on that. I thought of this idea when I looked at a painting. :) Hope you enjoy! ~~~Today seems like a nice day. The bright sun shining overhead in the clear sky. I'm particularly jealous on the weightlessness of birds flapping their wings through the wind. It seems so fun for them to fly and feel the air surround them. All I can do is to be stuck on the ground, and just hopping to get to places. If I could be reborn, I wanted to be a bird than a frog. I keep these secret thoughts to myself because all of my family and friends think I'm crazy to want to fly. They always tell me that we have an advantage over birds, and that is we can swim. I wasn't convinced until that fateful day. I had crept up to a lone robin perched on a low branch, possibly looking for something to eat. …

Flash Fiction #17

"Every Saturday my favorite thing to do is..."
For this flash fiction story, I used a writing prompt generator to get this initial idea... Let's see what I come up with. Hope you enjoy =)

As a small update, I'm going to be starting a full-time job from June to October. I'm not sure how much it will affect the scheduling of working on my WIPs, or even updating this blog. I'll try to keep it up to date when I can!

I'll be away from my computer for the next 3 weeks, though I'll be taking the family tablet with me... but it's going to be strange typing on it. I feel that it'll be slow plucking away the letters...


As I turned to my right to look at my alarm clock sitting on my bedside cabinet, the time read 8:30 AM. For a brief second after I had awoke from my slumber, I thought it was a weekday and would have been late for school. Then it occurred to me that it was Saturday after taking a closer look on my calendar pasted to the wall by tape. …