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Flash Fiction #3

Here is something that I thought up a while ago. I don't really know where this came from all of a sudden when Valentine's Day was just around the corner. Hope you enjoy =)


The sound of gunshots were all around me. Explosions from grenades ignited across the battlefield. To both my left and right, comrades fell down one by one. Our line of defense was slowly being destroyed by the enemy. I hid in our trenches shaking in fear at the clear defeat for all of us. I took out a picture of my sweetheart and looked at it one last time. I really wanted to see those hazelnut eyes gazing on me, and the scent of her auburn hair flowing with the wind again. I would trade anything in for that to happen. Those were the days long passed and forgotten.

"Is that your girlfriend?" A fellow soldier asked who was sitting beside me.

I merely nodded and tucked it in after wiping the tears from my eyes. Our commanding officer came to us and explained his counterattack against the enem…

Valentine's Day; Flash Fiction #2

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. All throughout my life so far, I have always been single so the day is a normal day. It's not special to me. When I look at my friends and other people who are in relationships, it makes me wish that I could experience some of that. But I realize that if I'm patient then I will eventually have a girlfriend. I don't want to rush things. Despite my desire to want to experience it and my ideals on the topic, I honestly don't think I can be a good person to go out with. I don't know if I can make her happy and special. I'm currently happy being single and just having friends and family that I can be with to make more memories. I'm fine with that for now. Besides, my focus in life right now is school, fulfilling my dream, and finding/developing myself first.

I was just thinking a short passage on the spot.


As I was walking through the hallway to get to my locker to put away my school books and get my lunch, every day I …

Role Model

I was planning on writing some Flash Fiction works for this blog as a practice, but I found on Sunday night of a short story contest run by the Toronto Star. I wanted to concentrate my imagination and ideas on that for this month. I have a concept up, but for some reason, the ideas so far on paper doesn't seem as epic as they are being played out in my head. =( I hope I can do something about it after I finish the first draft. The word limit is 2500 words so it isn't too long, but it is quite difficult to try to compact a story with a small word limit as I haven't really been exposed to writing short stories except recently. When I started writing stories back when I was around the early teens, I went straight for novels (granted I never finished any of them). I still have plans to finish them though! Someday!

(Edit: I didn't actually submit it into the contest... I didn't finish on time. I actually finished a week after though)

Enough about that... this blog post…

Flash Fiction #1: Crush

This was my first Flash Fiction work that I wrote a while ago sometime last year for a contest. In all honesty, I didn't even know what was Flash Fiction at the time so I had to Google it to find out the word limit and requirements on what made a work to be a Flash Fiction. I hope it isn't too bad being it was my first time writing one! Enjoy!


"Burn it."

Those were the only words that my friend had relayed to me after I gave her my confession letter to give to the girl that I had a crush on for two years. I was too shocked to even comprehend, or even say anything. I didn't even take back the confession letter that I whole-heartedly wrote with all of my feelings, and I just turned around to walk away.

The rest of the school year, even the summer afterwards, was pure hell. I tried my utmost best to keep my sadness inside when I was around other people, but everything came out when I was alone. At the time, I felt as if I lost all purpose to living and the on…