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Flash Fiction #32

On a late Saturday morning, I stood leaning on a grocery cart waiting for the butcher to hand me the meat that I asked him to cut up for me. I peered down on the small piece of paper with the list of groceries to get for dinner tonight and the rest of the week. After hearing the voice of a little girl beside me, I couldn't help but look to my side to see her and her mother.

"Mommy," she said while pulling on her mom's purse to get her attention. "Mommy."

Her mom ignored her daughter's nagging since she was busy looking at the various of meat products, deciding what to get before asking the butcher for some help.

Judging by the way the young girl was acting, she couldn't be more than 9 years old. She only wanted to get her mom's attention since she was bored. I couldn't help but relate to being in that kind of situation when I was younger. Being dragged along with parents wherever they went, especially the grocery stores where I had no intere…

Side by Side is now out!

After two weeks from the break up from his first love, Jackie has been reminiscing the memories about her while his good friend, Kim, has been trying to support him to move on. Then as if fantasy meets reality, Jackie gets a second chance to try to make things right from help that he least suspects.
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This was my first short story that I have written and finished compared to the other short stories. I left the first draft alone for a couple of years before going back to look over it. Although this was the first one to be done, I didn't feel that I wanted to edit it and this became a second or third short story to be self-published. Comparing the first draft and the last draft, the first half of the story remained the same for the most part with some minor changes here and there to fit the new second half of the story. Although I was satisfied with the first draft, there was something about the way it ended …