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Series: Time Travellers - Part 1

Here is another writing prompt from the same subreddit that is intriguing.

"Time Travel exists and a new job exists! Your job is to take people from the past right before they die and show them their impact on the present for a day or two and then return them to their death"

Hope you enjoy!

Because of this writing prompt, this has the potential to be turned to a series on this blog where each story is independent of one another but the main character is constant. I may put it up on Wattpad or something depending on it goes. I know that I started a "Mini-Series" earlier, and that sort of died but this writing prompt idea seems to be interesting. Because I want to remain something quick and easy to write, I'll try to write at the length of a flash fiction rather than something like a normal chapter, or a short story segment.

I decided to also upload this s…