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Flash Fiction #28

I had a dream just now... It was kind of scary in a way depending on how you view it. Hope you enjoy =). Also as a note, I did not abandon my mini-series writing project about Ken and Lily. It's just thinking of ideas and where to go and how to keep it interesting... Sorry about that... It's not so frequent as I had hope, but quality over quantity is what I think is important. And also thinking on other stuff too.


I'm tired.


I leaned back in my chair, rubbing my face with my hands after trying to pull out my hair. All over my desk had random pieces of paper everywhere with scribbles, food, empty pop cans, and opened books to pages I hope to read. I glanced at my clock on the bedside cabinet. 3:00 AM. Another late night.

A hot bath may clear my mind and rejuvenate my body to keep on going just a little longer. When the bath was filled with warm water, I threw my clothes in a hurry to the washroom floor and slid in with my eyes closed.

At first touch it was unbeara…

Jill Sander's Lasting Pride & Secret Seduction Blog Tour

I have decided to participate in Jill Sanders' Blog Tour for her two newest novels, Lasting Pride and Secret Seduction.

Here is a little something to get to know her:
Jill Sanders survived 80's pop music, and life as an identical twin in a chaotic family of nine.  A feat by any standard!  She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, relocating to Colorado for college and a successful IT career at IBM in Boulder.

Narrowly escaping before all creativity was squashed, she jumped at the chance to trade the mundane world of computers for the sexy, exciting world of her own imagination.  She now lives in charming rural Texas writing wonderful novels such as the Pride series.

Her debut novel, Finding Pride, was shortlisted in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards 2013, and has since climbed to #2 on Amazon Bestsellers – Romantic Suspense. Each book in the Pride Series has found a regular home on Amazon’s Bestseller lists.

Stay tuned for Jill’s newest romantic suspense series – T…

Flash Fiction #27

Update: October 30, 2014. I'm sharing this post on Julie Valerie's Book Blog as part of the Hump Day Blog Hop. Join in on the fun and click on the link or the one at the end of this post. HUMP DAY BLOG HOP “On Hump Day About Books” RUNS FOR ONE WEEK WEDNESDAY (Oct 29, 2014) to WEDNESDAY (Nov 5, 2014)

I just thought of this idea randomly just now. I swear that this was influenced by something long ago, but I can't remember where the inspiration came from. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy =)


"Jess, what should we put here?" My eight year old sister, Agnes had asked and pointed at the laptop screen.

I was controlling the mouse on the screen, and we were setting up a profile on a dating site. I clicked in the box labelled "Hobbies", and was ready to type on the keyboard. "I don't know. We can't possibly put our dad's normal hobbies. They're too boring."

"I agree!" Agnes chimed in loudly. "Chess and gardening are borin…

Mini-Series - Part 7

Sorry for the delay, I realized that writing it on the spot is become harder and the key thing with writing it in multiple parts with no central document to hold all of the chapters is consistency. I've gathered all of the chapters that I have written so far in a Word document so that I can read past chapters and have nothing come out of hand and to foreshadow more. To help keep me sane. Even though this is practice, I still want to tell a good interesting story (or at least I hope it is interesting). I'm also sorry that it isn't as daily as it is, maybe when I get better with practice, I can churn out the ideas more often. Hope you enjoy the latest part... and hope you await for future chapters to come for more of the story to unfold between Ken and Lily.

From the corner of my eyes,
I saw Lily stopped washing the dishes,
and heard her whisper, “Me too.”

“What do you mean?”
I looked over at her,
eyebrows raised.

“Isn't it obvious?”

As both my heart and mind was raci…