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Flash Fiction #56

I was inspired recently, so hope you enjoy! ^_^


Sitting alone on the bench in the train terminal station, I had music blasting at full volume while reading a book. I just missed the train, and there wouldn't be another one for another hour or so. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little girl on her knees looking for something on the floor. I ignored her, focusing on the book but eventually took out the headphones when she sighed and slouched on the bench beside me as she looked down.

I lowered the book to my lap and faced the little girl. "What are you trying to find?"

She turned towards me with a surprised look. "I lost my bracelet, but I was sure I dropped it near here. I checked all of the other places, and nothing."

"Have you checked the lost and found? Maybe someone found it and dropped it off there."

Her eyes followed mine to the lost and found a ways away, and I chuckled as I could imagine the light bulb turned on inside her brain when h…

Flash Fiction #55

Writing Prompt - First line: The horse came back alone.

Hope you enjoy~!


The horse came back alone.

Before noticing the horse running back, Alisa sat near the fireplace in the living room and prayed that Alex would come back safely after going out to investigate the disturbance at their neighbour's home. After hearing something from the outside, Alisa peeked through the window and ran outside in a panic. She steadied the horse by grabbing the reins, and padding it gently. She looked as far out as she could, hoping to see what went wrong. The only question that kept on repeating inside her head was: Where was Alex?

After leading the horse back into the barn and closing it up, she went back into the house trying to figure out what to do next as she paced back and forth. "What would Alex do?"

"I have to go and find him." Alisa stopped and look over at the lantern near the front door. "I'm scared, but I can't simply wait for help like before. I hav…

Flash Fiction #54

Writing Prompt: Have someone looking for something that is lost.

Hope you enjoy!


Maria ran up and down the street as she stared intensely for the bracelet that she had gotten as a gift. "Where is it? I can't believe I lost it!" She screamed at herself from within. She could feel the rush in the heart beat, and beads of sweat forming on her forehead and back of the neck.

"I'm sure it must be here somewhere. I checked at home, and at school. I couldn't find it anywhere. How can I be so careless?"

Maria cried when she realized the bracelet was lost, and wanted to cry even more while running around. "I can't cry. Tears won't find my bracelet."

When she saw a bracelet near an alleyway, she jumped at it with disappointment. "It's just some junk." She lowered her head at her bad luck, but she got up with renewed enthusiasm unwilling to show defeat.

After walking down the same route from her home to school for thirty minutes…