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Flash Fiction #31

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting near a fountain at a mall and this inspired an idea for some fictional writing. Hope you enjoy =)


"Mommy, can I make a wish?" The middle child, Lisa, had tugged on her mom's sleeve while pointing to the upcoming fountain in a shopping mall.

"Sure thing, dear," she replied before taking out her purse to get to her coin pouch.

Charles, the youngest of the three siblings, left his mom and other siblings behind, and ran to the edge of the fountain to get a closer look at it. This caused the oldest child, Olivia, to run after her little brother as their mom was preoccupied for that brief second.

"Thank you, Mommy!" Lisa received not one, but two coins and she made a huge grin as she skipped towards the fountain.

Their mom sat nearby on one of the ledges looking at the fountain while keeping a good watch on her children. As soon as Charles saw her older sister with her two coins, he ran to his mom and pleaded, "…

Lunch with a Friend

"Huh?" I said out loud dumbfounded at the realization that the restaurant was on the other side of the street from me currently. I presumed when looking up the address that it was on the east side of the street, not the west side. Oh, how wrong I was on that assumption. I heaved a sigh as I looked left and right before jogging across to the door of the restaurant in a hurry.

Two minutes earlier as I was walking to the restaurant, I sent a text message which said, "I'm on my way. Be there soon."

Merely seconds after I had sent it, I received a response. "Don't worry, I just arrived."

After reading what she had wrote, I took a breath with a small smile. Today was a day that I was looking forward to in a long time. I had planned a day to have lunch with a good friend that I haven't seen in a long time because I came back home after my contract finished from a faraway town, and she was busy with work. The fear of asking to set up a lunch get toget…