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Flash Fiction #45

I saw this writing prompt and found it interesting for me to write on.

"You realize you are immortal or more specifically that you cannot die. The issue is that you only realize this once the man who is attempting to torture you to death can't finish the job."

Here is the link to see what others have wrote:
I couldn't believe I was in this predicament. Strapped to a chair in a dimly lit basement with the curtains covered and head covered by a black cloth, my fears were fully realized. Claustrophobic. Thantophobic. I didn't even know the time of day. My cries of pain echoed in the empty room. Will anyone hear me?

"If you want the pain to stop, tell me what I need to know!"

I pleaded, "I don't know what you're talking about. You're misunderstanding!"

At the crack of the whip, I felt the sharp pain on my chest. It just kept on coming. …

Flash Fiction #44

I had originally started this months ago, but I didn't finish it. I don't recall how I wanted to end it...


The bell for recess rang and everyone ran outside wearing their winter coats to the snowy fields in the school playground for their fifteen minutes of freedom before class continued. James hung back being one of the last ones to leave the school building. While he watched his classmates and other students have fun in the snow, James knelt down at a corner of the school playground to play alone. It was always like this everyday. He never had someone that he called a friend since the school year began months ago.

"James! Heads up!" A female voice called him and James looked up to see a snowball hit him right down the middle.

"Haha! Slowpoke!" The girl pointed her index finger at him and laughed so much she had to clutch her stomach to contain herself.

"Nancy. Leave me alone!" He turned around to walk away, visibly hurt.

"What's wro…