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Flash Fiction #43

I was inspired by something that happened yesterday. Hope you enjoy!


As I sat there staring out the window with the thin layer of snow covering the roads out front, I couldn't think of what I was doing. What was my purpose? Everything was the same as usual. Up in the morning, eat, let time go by throughout the day, and sleep at night. There has to be something out there. I want to experience the world, but how? An intricate plan must be in the works, but would help be available? I can't possibly do this on my own. There has to be something I can do on my own... bit by bit.

"What are you doing in the corner by yourself?"

"Coral, I didn't see you there." I looked over to her, as I couldn't hide the surprise on my face. "It's nothing. I wonder what life is like outside."

"You still have aspirations for the outside? Let's just admit our fate here like everyone else." Coral shrugged as she sighed.

"I can't. I'…

My Impression of Chihayafuru Part 1 and 2

A couple of months ago, I watched these two movies that are related called Chihayafuru Part 1 and 2. The Japanese titles are called: Chihayafuru Kami no Ku and Chihayafuru Shimo no Ku respectively. They were released in March 19 and April 29, 2016. The movie series is getting a third movie to round out the trilogy sometime in 2017. It was directed by Norihiro Koizumi, and based on the manga with the same name written by Yuki Suetsugu. The movies stars Suzu Hirose, Shuhei Nomura, and Mackenyu Maeda.

The story is about Chihaya Ayase (played by Suzu Hirose) who meets and becomes friends with Arata Wataya (played by Mackenyu) a talented karuta player. After being introduced to karuta by Arata, she hopes to become the best karuta player in Japan. She also make friends with Taichi Mashima as they all play karuta together. Unfortunately, all three of them are separated from one another, but Chihaya still plays karuta with hopes to see Arata again. In high school, she forms a Karuta Club wit…

My Impressions of The Hours of My Life

I recently watched a Japanese TV drama (again) called The Hours of My Life (translated from Boku no Ita Jikan) that aired in Japan between Jan 8 to Mar 19, 2014. It starred Miura Haruma and Tabe Mikako.

The synopsis for this Japanese drama on Drama Wiki is well done and not too spoilery, so I'll just copy and paste their summary here (with minor tweaks):

"Fourth year university student Sawada Takuto (played by Miura Haruma) is having a tough time looking for a job. As the eldest son of the director of a hospital, Takuto's parents had expected him to become a doctor. But they began to focus their hopes on his younger brother Rikuto instead, some time during his junior high school. Although Takuto is popular and good at befriending ladies, he has no confidence that he will be loved and thus avoids deep emotional involvement with anyone. One day, he is informed that he does not have long to live because he is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an incurable,…