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Acknowledgement so far

I will do a proper acknowledgement and give credit to these special friends when my short stories and stories become available in the near future, but I want to do an initial thanks right now for some reason. I just feel like doing something like this today.

I want to thank them for spending their spare time on reading, offering suggestions, and editing my short stories and/or stories. Some of them even on short notice! I can't thank them enough for that. I hope I wasn't being too bothersome, and that you don't mind me asking you for more help on proofreading/editing at a later date. They are (in no particular order): Amelia Chan, Emily Burggraaf, Mylinh Tran, Jenny Vuong, Dahlia Ma, Alexander Robinson, Lori Peplinskie (and her daughter), and Joyce Pun. 

I want to also thank all of the rest of my group of friends and family for the support. Just because I only ask a small number of people to read through my drafts doesn't mean that I think less of you. I want to make the…

Flash Fiction #6

"Are you sure it's around here? This seems more like we're lost than actually going somewhere." I complained as we were walking through the dense forest.

"This is what the rumours had detailed if we wanted to find the treasure. We should be close." My friend, David replied.

I muttered, "If you say so..." I wasn't convinced there was any truth in this rumour that our town had kept going from the time of our grandparents. Even if there was any truth for that matter, if there was anything valuable hidden it would probably have been long gone by the time we find it. Someone in the past 20 years would have the same ideas we had right? But here we are, finding a fool's treasure. I shouldn't have agree with David to go with him into the forest. Sure, I didn't have anything to do today but anything would be better than being lost at this very moment.

I wasn't being careful with my surroundings and I walked right into David's back w…

Flash Fiction #5

I have both a wish and a fear that fills me everyday when the sun comes up in the morning. Before that though, it brings me great joy to have her soft hands caress me early in the morning to get me ready for the day. Most days it would be routine and before I know it, I would be puffed up due to the scorching heat. It would fill the room with my scent of the freshness. It makes me happy to hear that my development makes her happy as she always hums with a smile. I always wonder what kind of song she is humming to, or is it an original tune? Despite my curiosity, I can't do anything to find out as one day is the limit for me. I'm usually gone by the end of the day and don't live to tell the tale to the next generations.

Back to the initial point, my wish is to have her with me for eternity and to always be there for her. If she could look at me the same way she looks at her boyfriend, it would be my most happiest moment of all time. I am only a stepping stone. Practically i…

Flash Fiction #4

As I stared up at the ceiling as I was lying on my bed, I didn't feel like doing anything. It's usually what happens when there isn't school. I couldn't feel any motivation in making any effort to continue on. I turned my head to the right to look at a picture frame and a folded piece of paper on my bedside drawer. I took both of them for a closer viewing and held it up in the air, admiring it from afar. Four years ago, these two objects were one of the most important memories in my life. I kept it close to me then because of two reasons. They represented the deepest portion of my heart while at the same time a reminder to not make the same mistakes. I swore that no matter what I will conquer the fear and sadness before moving on at that time. I kept to it in the beginning. They were my purpose to continuing on. Now after time has passed, the same feeling that I had then didn't mean as much to me now. But then if I were to disregard them, what can I conclude thes…