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Alternative Ending to "A Love Too Late"

I'm satisfied with how A Love Too Late ended, and the overall story in general but when I was deciding whether to go for a happy ending or not for Jackie, I was stuck for a while. Then I wrote the current ending and thought it was fine the way it was. Looking at it from another perspective, it is a happy ending (for Joyce). It was also a little bit therapeutic since some of my experiences was used as inspiration for the story. It was some sort of a closure. Then a friend told me, "why not write an alternative ending", and I thought "why not?" Then I decided to write it on my blog to see whether what other people would think of it and compared to the canon ending. =) Hope you enjoy.

In case you didn't know, this is under the assumption that you read the original short story and so spoilers are expected.

### (Copy and pasted the last paragraph of one of the section to place it in the correct timeline)
We bickered amongst each other as we got to the train…

Flash Fiction #30

Hi, I haven't gotten any new inspiration or interesting ideas in a while to write in the flash fiction genre so I apologize for that. I came across a picture on Google+ on one of the communities (Writers' Corner) as a writing prompt to get the writing juices going. I'm going to give it a try to get me out of this rut.

I have been working on my short stories and longer WIPs, so I haven't been slacking on writing in general...

Hope you enjoy =)


"Are you sure we took the correct turn earlier at the fork a while ago?" Jesse asked as he glanced at the foggy sky and unfamiliar surroundings. He checked his smartphone if he had any signal, and to no avail, it was zero bars.

After a moment of silence, Jesse put his hand on his friend's shoulder to stop him. "Hold up. Why are you being so quiet?"

Alex took his eyes off of his hand drawn map to look up at Jesse. He replied, "yeah, everything is fine. I know where we are going."

"If you s…