List of Short Stories

Here is where I will keep a list of short stories that I have started, in progress, and finished.
(More information to be updated...)

A Love Too Late

Status: First draft done. Revising and editing done. Released May 2013.
Alternative title: Secret Love

Brief Summary: If the time to say what you truly thought deep down has already passed, do you move on, or remain in the past while living in the present filled with regrets? Jackie has always loved his childhood friend, Joyce but she is getting married to someone else. While trying to continue on with his life, he always ends up thinking about her. A Love Too Late explores a snippet of the two childhood friends.

Side by Side

Alternative Title: First Love
Status: First draft done. Revising and editing done. Released February 2014.
Brief Summary: After two weeks from the break up from his first love, Jackie has been reminiscing the memories about her while his good friend, Kim, has been trying to support him to move on. Then as if fantasy meets reality, Jackie gets a second chance to try to make things right from help that he least suspects. 
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Forever and Ever

Status: First draft done. Revising and editing done. Released August 2014.
Brief Summary: Nina and Mina are twin sisters that both have feelings for their childhood friend, Ken. From the beginning, Mina and Ken were instantly attracted, leaving Nina as the third wheel. With love for her sister flowing strong, Nina decides to hide her feelings. But after an unfortunate incident that will forever change the friendship between the three friends, will Nina accept her feelings to move on?

Whenever I'm With You

Alternative Title: The Day Before
Status: Fourth draft done. Revising and editing done. Released November 2018.
Brief Summary: Mimi has been best friends with Airi since childhood, who they have always supported one another with everything. After a setback, Mimi felt disappointed and unsure of herself. She feels grateful with the support coming from people important to her. This story explores a snippet of her personal growth.

Strangers (working title)
Status: First draft done. Revising and editing now.
Brief Summary: It's Kara's big day, but she forgot something important at Ken's place. Luckily for Kara and Sophia, Ken had slept in and it is his job to arrive at the destination on time with the package otherwise everything is ruined. The package gets lost along the way unknowingly, but the power and connections of strangers help Ken out.

Twenty (working title)Status: First draft in progress.
Brief summary: Ken enjoys playing basketball since he was young and one of the main reasons why he continues playing is because of his childhood friend, Aya. When he was young, he promised himself that when Aya turns 20, he will ask her out with a ring to make it special. Years had passed by and when things are looking good for Ken, Victor, his basketball rival, enters into the picture causing frustration for Ken both personally and in the sport.

Brief Commentary:To add into my short story collection, the common theme in the finished first draft for three of them so far was love. I wanted to include not just love as part of the plot, but a sport as well to make something different.

Fireflies (working title)Status: First draft in progress.
Brief summary: Akari and Takeshi are two close friends that finally confessed their feelings to one another in their final year of high school. Akari decides to stay in their hometown, while Takeshi is going to university in the city across the country. They are optimistic and determined to ensure their relationship stay strong, but after time and distance, will both of their feelings still remain just as strong? Can Takeshi still see the light of the fireflies that both of them saw the night before he left their home?


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