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New Short Story

I've been working on a new short story the past couple of weeks. I had another one in the works, but that kind of went on hold for now. That one is called Fireflies (tentative title). It's supposedly a story about long distance relationship between a young couple when one of them goes to the city for school while leaving the other one behind. That's the gist of it at the moment.

This new short story is temporarily called A Day Before. I'm not sure whether I will keep it (probably not), but it kind of goes with how I first thought of the story from the initial idea. I woke up from a dream which had a character, Phil, being heart broken from breaking up with his girlfriend, Mimi. The dream started out in a bar with his two good friends, and he tried to drink his sorrows away. Then his ex-girlfriend, Mimi walked into the bar with a new date and Phil noticed. Before things got out of hand, Phil's friends forced him to leave. After being outside, Phil wanted to go on ho…