Flash Fiction #19

Writing on a tablet still feels odd for me, at least for writing stories. I'm still more comfortable typing on a physical keyboard. But I can't use that excuse to not update the blog for 3 weeks, however my writing for my WIPs are on hold since I don't have my computer. I did think of a partial idea yesterday for a flash fiction story. Hope you enjoy! :)


"Aurora, is that you?" I asked, surprised to see her walking passed me just a moment ago.

She turned around, and smiled after taking a couple of seconds of looking at me. We met each other half way, and she greeted, "I wasn't expecting to see you here, Jackie. Out on a date?"

I took my hands out from my pockets to scratch at my chin. "Not really. My mom wanted to do some shopping, so I figured I wanted to accompany her just to walk around. I've been inside my room all day. What about you?"

She laughed, and I remembered the good old days being with her. "I'm just looking at some stuff to see if I want to buy anything. There's nothing in particular. But anyway, it's crazy bumping into you today. How have you been?"

"I'm doing alright. I'm relaxing this summer break after my final exams. What about you?" I replied.

"I came back recently for the summer break, so I'm trying to find a job for these next few months to earn some money. Aside from that, I'm just relaxing after the school year."

Then, I asked with raised eyebrows, "I thought you were still studying away from home. When did you get back?"

"I think I came back 2 weeks ago." She looked up at the ceiling, recalling the memory.

"It's been that long, huh." I was surprised at how fast time was going. Then I took a closer look at Aurora and said, "You look really nice today. Is that the dress from your birthday last year?"

After I said that, she avoided eye contact with me and looked a bit uncomfortable. However, she soon replied, "Thanks, but I have to get going soon. You know, shopping and all."

I laughed, trying to ignore that awkward moment. "It's really nice to see you today, Aurora. It would be great if we could catch up more at a later time. Is your number still the same?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I was fortunate that I could keep the same old number when I got back. Let's plan something so keep in touch. Have a nice day."

I watched Aurora walk away, and it reminded me of the past 4 years being with her. When she decided to study across the country last year, I thought the long distance wouldn't matter but that day it seemed like she was only an acquaintance. If I had turned around to look for my mom sooner, then the cold truth would be hidden for just a bit longer.

Coming out of a store, a man met up with Aurora and held her hand as they walked. Then they kissed each other. It was that moment when I realize that Aurora was no longer in my world.


  1. I like this piece- it's very realistic. You captured the heartbreak of having someone move away and losing your connection with them. I like how you added that if Jackie would have turned around a moment sooner he wouldn't have seen Aurora kiss the man. Nice job!



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