Background about Swish!

This story idea began when I decided to participate at National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2011. I didn't succeed at the 50,000 word limit but I really like the story that I had outlined and partially crafted to want to finish it for real. Like with Blossoms of Spring where the influence of the story comes from anime and manga, Swish! has that influence as well. The main characters that I thought at the time came from a story that I had drafted in high school. It was called "The Trio" where I had based a number of main characters on my close friends with that anime influence. I had always wanted to write a story based on my friends. At the beginning it was sort of a parody of a combination of various anime, manga and TV shows that I had watched. From the unoriginal development of the story, I somehow made an original idea of the story that I really liked that was buried underneath the fanfiction idea. The story had hit a stall at a point in the story where for some reason, I decided for a small part of a story I would ask a friend to co-write from a specific character. I never got that part from the friend and while waiting I moved on with other projects so it just kind of got shelved. The point of all of that is that Swish! is a sort of spiritual title from The Trio. The characters from that story are in this one as well as a few new other which reflects the number of new friends I met. The difference is that Swish! is about basketball while The Trio is more of a fantasy story.

I said earlier that The Trio had mainly ideas that I had taken from other sources for inspiration with a small part of the story that was original. On a side note, the original idea had involved myself, and two others in the story. But anyway thinking on it now, The Trio will be picked up again as I want to flesh out and finish the original idea. I'm sure it won't be the same as the original draft as the main plot details will be different but it would be such a waste of a story to not show the part that I did like in the story. In the meantime, Swish! makes for a good alternative to satisfy me until I finish writing other stories. 

I chose basketball for the story Swish! because when I was little, my best friend had introduced the sport to me. I really enjoyed playing it with him and I hated losing to him even though I could never catch up to him. Although I'm not sure if he was being nice or not, he told me one day that I had the best one-on-one defence against him and I felt really proud. Granted he would always beat me but I would try my hardest to make it as difficult on him to win. Even when we had 5-on-1 against him, he would still beat us. He was amazing. I had thought writing about basketball would be interesting in a story and yeah. Thanks for reading, and till next time =)


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