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Background about the Crystalite Saga (Twins, The God Sword, and hopefully many more titles in the future)

As from my previous post, the Crystalite Saga is one of my oldest stories that I have around, or at least the oldest recorded story that I can find. I remember from the very first draft in grade 7, the biggest influence for the story came from two sources: the Harry Potter book series, and the Lord of the Ring movies. Especially after watching the Lord of the Ring movies, I really wanted to create a fantasy world with mythical creatures, and an epic journey with both good and bad characters. The sad thing about the story is that I never actually finish writing a draft for it. I always ended up going half way through a draft before tearing it apart and restarting from scratch. It could be because I wasn't satisfied with the story, the writing was plain horrible (ie. Every time I read through one of my old drafts I just laugh at the corniness in my writing), or my computer hard drive just died one day. I remember the first draft I had titled: "The Legend of Sir Alexander Williams".

At the time, I decided to split the story into 3 parts to get that "trilogy set" even though I could have written the story all in one book if I did finish the draft. Despite the corniness, unnecessary drama, many facepalming moments at crucial points at the story and just too many coincidences, I like the environment, feel, and general story that I thought up at the time. I really liked the world "Crystalite" that I created and thought of more stories, like a prequel and a sequel. The prequel at the time was going to focus on Alex's parents, while the sequel (which was called "The Legend of Four") would be the next generation (ie. Alex and Stephanie's children with other cameos from the previous stories). At this time, the title of the main story (The Legend of Sir Alexander Williams) had shifted to the God Sword.

Over the years after many revision of incomplete drafts, I settled on (hopefully) the finalized version of the two stories so far in the world of Crystalite. The title "The God Sword" was the sequel, while Alex's story would be under a new title "Twins". I don't really have a good reason for making this decision aside from the fact that I just wanted a more classic fantasy story for Alexander Williams, while the original concept of The God Sword would be with a new cast of characters with the old characters as secondary characters. Then I started to think up other ideas unrelated to the Crystalite Saga and made the decision to put it on hold while finishing these new ideas as stories. I will get back to it later, and when I look back on Twins again, it may have matured and evolved into something bigger and better than I could have done in the past. That's what I hope time would do after I leave it alone. With the amount of characters that I am planning on creating for these two stories, the plan is to have spin off stories and other main stories to add to the history of Crystalite to create my own little world.

In the mean time, I thought of the idea of doing spin off flash fiction of some minor characters from this series to breathe in new life that you will probably not see in the main stories. It may not be too extensive since I still need to do more research on fleshing out Crystalite as a world and its inhabitants. Until next time =)


  1. Flash fiction is a good way to draw in a fan base, either before or after a book is published. It can't be used in a book (unless you self-publish) but it can start the base of your platform.


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