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Role Model

I was planning on writing some Flash Fiction works for this blog as a practice, but I found on Sunday night of a short story contest run by the Toronto Star. I wanted to concentrate my imagination and ideas on that for this month. I have a concept up, but for some reason, the ideas so far on paper doesn't seem as epic as they are being played out in my head. =( I hope I can do something about it after I finish the first draft. The word limit is 2500 words so it isn't too long, but it is quite difficult to try to compact a story with a small word limit as I haven't really been exposed to writing short stories except recently. When I started writing stories back when I was around the early teens, I went straight for novels (granted I never finished any of them). I still have plans to finish them though! Someday!

(Edit: I didn't actually submit it into the contest... I didn't finish on time. I actually finished a week after though)

Enough about that... this blog post is dedicated to a special person that I recently met last year when I decided she will be my role model in life from that day forth. At this moment, I can confidently say without any doubt that she is in a position where I want to be in life in the future. It may or may not be job-specific, but like her life in general, personality, and everything! Not only that but she is someone who I feel really comfortable being with (despite the short time knowing her), and I believe we have similar personalities. She's a much improved version of me personality-wise and I wish that my personality attributes can be closer to her. What I lack now, I hope to use her as a goal to push myself to become a better person like her. She's a really kind person who is also quiet, but when it comes to voicing her opinion, she is good at it and is really prepared and organized for her presentations. She is also very patient when talking to you and sometimes silly during the fun times. When she's not being silly, she's very professional, understanding, mature, cool-headed and responsible. She's extremely hard working and I know because even though co-op students aren't allow to work over time (which I do most days), she is always working overtime even though she doesn't get pay extra! On the odd chance, she may take the rare day off. She goes to church and volunteers at events to help the unfortunate people in her spare time. She has a big heart. I always tell at least my mom how great of a person she is, and everything!

When I think of role models, I believed that it will be someone that is a distant ideal. She is a more realistic goal even though it will still take a lot of effort getting there! She was actually my supervisor in my co-op work term last year. When I was working there, I would always look at her to learn as much as I can from her, not just in knowledge but also in mannerisms. Everything she says I try my best to remember and learn from it. When I talk to her either about work or non-work related stuff. In meetings. When she's talking to other people. I would study her and how she would react. I really respect her and I am really happy to still talk to her through e-mail. I hope that I can sometimes meet up with her in person from time to time. I recently met with her for brunch in December, and I hope to catch up more in real time in the near future! I would be thrilled! Maybe I can compare my progress to her at the time...

In summary, I really respect her as a person, friend, mentor, and role model. Her name is Joyce Pun.


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