Flash Fiction #46

I found this writing prompt online that I found interesting, and wanted to write about it.

You reject someone by saying "I'll go on a date with you the day hell freezes over." The next day, Satan appears in your room, shivering, and covered in snow.


Hope you enjoy!


It was a normal day just like any other day. I woke up, went to work to sit at my cubicle, and then went back home to prepare my dinner. I never thought to see a monster eating one of my apples I bought at the grocery store this week as it sat on my couch watching TV. I dropped my bag at the front foyer, slack-jawed.

"Who are you?! How did you get inside my apartment?" I rushed over to my living room after getting a frying pan from the kitchen and pointed it at the monster.

"What's that going to do?" It giggled at my weapon. "Never mind. I have come for one reason and one reason alone. I am the ruler from Hell and you made my home a frozen wasteland because of what you said."

"What on Earth on you talking about? I didn't do anything! I'm a normal person with no special ability. You got the wrong person!" I couldn't believe what I just heard. Satan? Hell? Tell me this is just a dream!

"To be frank, you are normal but some crazy woman perform some ritual for the deed to be done which makes you related to her. Let me remind you like so... Kukuku."

The monster waved his arm through the air, and I saw a 3D projection of myself turning down a friend. I heard those words as clear as day, "Fine! I'll go on a date with you the day hell freezes over!"

Are you serious?! Jenny?!

The monster leaned over and pushed my mouth back up with a finger. "Remember now?"

I nodded, bewildered. "Y-Yes. I'm really confused how Jenny could freeze Hell all over."

"The point is Hell will still be frozen until you go on a date with her. Reject her for all I care at the end, but I want my home back to normal!"

I fell onto my couch. "But she's not my type. We have nothing in common."

"Not my problem. If you don't call her right now, I'll follow you to your death until you do it." The monster loomed above me, laughing uncontrollably.

I pulled out my phone after scratching my hair, frustrated. "FINE! I'll call her and settle a date. As long as I don't have the devil following around me. It feels like an omen. Leave me alone, I won't back down as soon as I call her."

"I won't go back home until the date is over since my home will be super cold, so I'll help myself to these apples as I will thoroughly enjoy the interaction between humans." Satan reached over for another apple on the dining table.

I slapped myself in the face. What have I gotten myself into? Women are scary.


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