Flash Fiction #38

I saw this prompt on the website, Wattpad. I missed the deadline to submit for the writing contest, but I still want to write about it. "A deal with the devil."

Hope you enjoy.


This is what I always wanted to do, but it was never the way I would imagine everything would happen. What was it that made me this way?


This is what I get for wanting to succeed my dream. What did I end up giving up? My mediocre normal life? My family? My friends?

If I had known everything around me would have change, I wouldn't have made that deal. I would take everything back to return to the person I love the most. Now I can only watch them from afar. I can no longer be a part of their lives anymore. I wanted to see them grow up to watch where their limitless potential takes them in society.

But now, I'm just a monster.

All I wanted to be was a superhero to protect the city and the ones I love dear.


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