Flash Fiction #15

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Now on to the main subject of this blog post... I had come up with this idea at the beginning of the month, but set it aside to get the other flash fiction stories out ahead of this one. With nothing left to halt its progress, I'm continuing this again after weeks of sitting around. Hope you enjoy =)


"What sort of performance are they going to do again, Dad?" I asked with my back straightened and eyes wide as I sat on my seat in the auditorium.

"It's a figure skating show." He turned to look at me before continuing his conversation with my uncle that was sitting on the other side of him.

The excitement was pumping through my veins as I stared intently at the skating rink with my hands gripped onto my pants. They were getting sweaty as I took a deep breath to try to calm down. This would be my first time seeing a live figure skating performance, so I was really curious how it will all turn out. When the lights dimmed, everyone in the audience became quiet as all of them waited for the performance to start that I could hear the heartbeat of the person sitting next to me. When the first figure skater appeared on the ice, the spotlight immediately turned on to focus our attention. She was gorgeous, and beautiful in the black and red short dress she wore for the performance that matched her red hair. The skirt portion had black frills at the ends. Then the music started to play first with a slow beat. But soon afterwards, the tempo got faster and faster.

I was in awe at how fluent she was skating, and the speed she was going. Each time that the figure skater did a jump, we would all clap at the success of the complicated routine step. Then a second skater, who was male in a red dress shirt and black pants, joined her on the ice, and made the choreography more complicated. There were many loops, jumps, twists, and turns all over the ice. At one point, the second skater had hoisted the first one up into air before lowering her successfully. As the music dwindled down in volume, the two skaters froze into place like statues. I clapped as hard as I could with the audience, but the show wasn't over.

The music picked up its pace with a different song when many skaters hopped onto the ice to join the choreography. The last two skaters onto the ice had brought two sleighs with them, and I tilted my head in confusion on why they were there. Then I saw one skater with the sleigh went to the opposite side of the rink to point to someone while the other one was facing us. She was scanning the crowd looking for someone until our eyes had lined up. She pointed straight at me while saying, "You!"

I couldn't believe this was happening, so I looked around even the seats behind me to make certain that it wasn't my imagination or false hope. I pointed at myself, whispering, "Me?"

The figure skater nodded, beaming and waving me to quickly get to the edge of the skating rink. I saw another child heading to the other sleigh on the other side. My dad gave me a good slap on the back to make me jump up from my seat. My mind went completely blank as I made my way down the steps to the skating rink, and only remembered whispering to other audience members, "Excuse me."

As soon as she took my hand and pulled me to sit into the sleigh on the ice, it reminded me of being a mix of Santa Claus and a part of a royal family. I saw the other child, who was a girl, was laughing and smiling just like me while sliding across the ice. Everything went by so fast that I only remembered images while being inside the sleigh, the constant spins, and skaters being everywhere around me. Even though it was only two minutes being on the ice, the time spent was as if for eternity and afterwards I was back in reality. The one word that summed up this memorable experience was magical.  


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