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Flash Fiction #5

I have both a wish and a fear that fills me everyday when the sun comes up in the morning. Before that though, it brings me great joy to have her soft hands caress me early in the morning to get me ready for the day. Most days it would be routine and before I know it, I would be puffed up due to the scorching heat. It would fill the room with my scent of the freshness. It makes me happy to hear that my development makes her happy as she always hums with a smile. I always wonder what kind of song she is humming to, or is it an original tune? Despite my curiosity, I can't do anything to find out as one day is the limit for me. I'm usually gone by the end of the day and don't live to tell the tale to the next generations.

Back to the initial point, my wish is to have her with me for eternity and to always be there for her. If she could look at me the same way she looks at her boyfriend, it would be my most happiest moment of all time. I am only a stepping stone. Practically invisible to her as I sit there, waiting.

My fear is to be chosen by someone and taken away. I will never return to my one-sided love of my beloved. The heartbreak is too much for me, and I am powerless to stop that from happening.

As always, a man steps right up to my crush and I overhear their conversation.

"Good morning, sir. What would you like today?"

"Hold on a second..." He gave a quick reply as he scanned at us quickly.

I could feel my neighbours wanting to be picked and go to their destiny as it awaits them. All I ever want is to be with her. Why can't anybody see that?

"I want that one on the second row, third from your right."

No! I wanted to scream out loud. I tried to resist with all of my might, but she held me firmly with her soft gentle hands. I wanted to cry as I was leaving with the man in his hands. I wonder if she will miss me. Why can't she understand my feelings for her? Does she not understand that I don't want to be separated from her?

The remaining moments of my life felt like an eternity with the agonizing, slow, painful death of 5 minutes. A part of me was being destroyed after every minute or so. It felt like forever until I was gone. It was sad to leave my crush behind and to die without feeling the warmth of her hands again, but the only hopeful outlook is that I will see her smile again the next day. The floral scent that is on her. The catchy tune from her hums.

Thus the never ending cycle begins anew for the next day.


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Writing Prompt: Have someone looking for something that is lost.

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