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Flash Fiction #36 - Calis

After reading through old posts that I wrote, I had planned to write some short snippets of side stories for some minor characters in my epic WIP, Twins, which will be part of a bigger series called the Crystalite Saga. I only wrote one so far, which was Nanashi, the Demon Slayer (aka Ian), the badass white-haired scythe-wielding fighter. This short side story will be about Calis, an average girl who wants to know what it is like to be strong.


"Mother? What happened to you?" Calis opened the front door to their home and dropped the basket of fruits and vegetables to see her on the floor, crying.

Upon a closer look, she saw parts of her mother's dress was torned and her hair was a  mess. Her mother shook her head and got up, shrugging her shoulders. "It's nothing, dear."

"Oh my god! Let me get you something for that bruise." Calis saw it underneath her mother's right eye and went to their freezer for a slab of frozen meat.

"The only thing that matters is that you're safe. It doesn't matter what happens to me." Her mother lifted Calis' chin up to look into her eyes.

"But mother..." Calis began until another loud bang was heard at the door. "They're here again!? What do they want with us!?"

"Calis, go to your room and don't leave it until I say it's safe to come out. You hear me?" Her mother looked straight into her eyes.

Calis' eyes stared right back, determined to stay where she was standing. "I'm not leaving you so that you get beaten again. I can't bare the sounds echoing through the walls."

"Listen to me! You're all I have, and I can't see you getting hurt because of me." Calis' mother dragged her daughter towards the staircase and shoved her up a couple of steps. "Go now!"

"Mother..." Calis looked at her with teary eyes before making her way to the second floor.

When Calis was inside her room, her mother turned to the front door to greet their guests. Up in Calis' room, she heard her mother's painful screams and the banging of their furniture. Her hands covered her ears in hopes of drowning out the sounds, but it was in vain. By the time everything got quiet and the front door slammed shut, Calis opened her bedroom door and made her way downstairs one step at a time. That was when she saw blood at the edge of the living room, trailing from within the room.

As she stood at the opening leading into the living room, her eyes widen in shock at her mother lying in her blood. Calis immediately ran forward and dropped down to her knees as she shook her mother. "Mother! Please wake up! Mother!" The tears wouldn't stop.

As reassurance, she checked her mother's pulse and there was no response. Calis closed her eyes and got up to go to the kitchen. "It can't end like this for you. I have to get revenge."

She picked up a knife and placed it near her long dark brown hair. "But in order to get revenge, I have to be strong."

With one clean cut, Calis cut her hair dropping the length from the middle of her back to just below her ears. She looked at her mother in the other room, almost a stranger with the new haircut. "Mother, we both died today. I'm sorry for not burying you properly, but I have to burn this all down."

After packing her essential belongings, Calis lit a furniture on fire with a candle and left the house with her face covered by a cloak. After getting passed the outskirts of the village, Calis looked back at the sound of the bells signalling what must be a burning house. The smoke drifted upwards to the sky. "Mother, I hope it reaches all the way to heaven. I love you, and good bye." She turned back around and continued on the path, not wanting to look at her hometown and what she just did any longer.


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