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Flash Fiction #31

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting near a fountain at a mall and this inspired an idea for some fictional writing. Hope you enjoy =)


"Mommy, can I make a wish?" The middle child, Lisa, had tugged on her mom's sleeve while pointing to the upcoming fountain in a shopping mall.

"Sure thing, dear," she replied before taking out her purse to get to her coin pouch.

Charles, the youngest of the three siblings, left his mom and other siblings behind, and ran to the edge of the fountain to get a closer look at it. This caused the oldest child, Olivia, to run after her little brother as their mom was preoccupied for that brief second.

"Thank you, Mommy!" Lisa received not one, but two coins and she made a huge grin as she skipped towards the fountain.

Their mom sat nearby on one of the ledges looking at the fountain while keeping a good watch on her children. As soon as Charles saw her older sister with her two coins, he ran to his mom and pleaded, "Mommy, can I please make a wish too?"

The mom looked down at Charles, and patted his head. "Of course, but don't waste it."

After receiving two pennies like Lisa did, Charles stood beside Lisa at the fountain where she was deciding what to wish for before tossing the coins into the fountain. He asked, "What are you thinking about, Lisa?"

She paid him no attention as she had her eyes still closed. "I'm thinking, so be quiet."

For ignoring his question, Charles started to poke Lisa at her side of her lower torso while constantly saying, "What is it?"

At first, Lisa tried her best to ignore her little brother's annoyance but she finally snapped and looked down at him. "Shh, let me think. The more you bug me, I won't be able to decide."

Initially, he was quiet and he pretended to be deep in thought while thinking what he wanted to wish for but ten seconds later, he was back at bugging Lisa. Meanwhile, Olivia sat at a free spot beside her mom tired from walking in the morning for Christmas shopping. Her mom held out her hand with two coins at Olivia.

Olivia slapped her forehead, turning her head away from her mom. "I'm too old for that stuff, Mom."

Her mom still had her hand out at Olivia. "You're only 13, so you're not that much older than Lisa's age. Go on and join them."

Olivia stared at her younger brother pestering her younger sister, and felt sorry for Lisa as not too long ago, she was the person Charles annoyed the most. "Thanks, Mom." Olivia took the coins from her hand and took a deep breath before squeezing herself in between Charles and Lisa at the edge of the fountain. Lisa opened one eye to notice her older sister was standing beside her and whispered, "Thanks."

"I know you would do the same for me, right?" Olivia commented, and then asked, "You're making a wish about that boy in your class?"

Lisa's cheeks turned red as Olivia guessed correctly. "How did you know?"

"That's what sisters are for. Stuff that you don't want Mom and Dad to find out." Olivia placed her hand over her mouth for a small chuckle. "What makes him so special?"

Lisa simply responded, "Fate. Destiny. Every time that I see him, my heart flutters."

Olivia couldn't help but be surprised at her younger sister's perception of love. She replied, "I won't tell you what to do, but you have a lot to experience. However, I'll be here to support you no matter what."

"Thanks," she said and then looked up at Olivia. "What are you wishing for?"

Olivia clenched the coins into the palms of her hands and said before tossing them into the fountain, "I really wish that Charles loses his annoying childish trait."

"I heard that!" Charles yelled, frustrated.

Both sisters had laughed and surrounded Charles, trapping him for revenge. Before the three siblings left, their six coins rested at the bottom of the fountain encompassing a wish from all three of them.


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