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Flash Fiction #42

I was inspired by recent events to write this. Sorry for the sad tone, but hope you enjoy!


I walked inside the front entrance to be greeted by someone where I signed in at the front desk. After having my name crossed off, I walked inside into a somber place. It was quiet, and there was a constant low buzzing noise in the background to ensure there was absolutely no silence in the room. Some people arrived already and sat in their seats. After stopping for a moment to take a full breath before continuing further into the deafening silence, I didn't think I would see her after so many years. It was a surprise to get that phone call a couple of days ago. Her voice sounded the same, but sad.

She stood at the end of the middle aisle with her mother in tears. She wore a conservative black dress, and I stared forward at the casket that rested her father inside it. I could feel and hear every step I took down the aisle as I walked past people sitting there, some with tissues to wipe the tears away. As I near her, I reached out to comfort her mother with a hug and then moved on to her. I took a whiff of the scent from her hair, and I remembered our last meeting eight years ago.

"I'm sorry for your loss," I whispered into her ear, tears finally escaping from my grasp.

"Thank you, it means a lot for you to come."

The words that she said now were a complete opposite in contrast to our last conversation. I guess this was what eight years can do from that time.

"Just leave! Sleep with that friend like you did last night!"

"Why aren't you listening to me!?"

"I needed you very much to get through my friend passing away, but you were with someone else! I don't need you! Ever!"

"Fine! If you want to be like this and ignore everything I'm saying, I'll leave! I'm never coming back!"

I never spoke to her after that day, and we lived separate lives. I would sometimes see on Facebook she posted a status update, but I scrolled past it in a hurry as everything became a blur. I wonder if she forgave me since then if she reached out in her time of need?

I stepped back and looked down to see a ring on her finger. I knew smiling would be impolite given the circumstances, but I was happy to find that she moved on to better things in that time span. "I hope you and your family can get through this time, and you have my condolences and support."

I always had regrets from that time. I want to make things right as friends from now on. Thank you for giving me that chance.

"Thank you."


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Writing Prompt: Have someone looking for something that is lost.

Hope you enjoy!


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