Flash Fiction #37

I hope you'll enjoy this. I got this idea from a prompt that I saw online and decided to write about the theme.


It was another night shift for work. He didn't even need to work that night as he had it off and worked earlier in the day. A co-worker called in sick at the last minute and he couldn't say no if his manager asks him as always.

Tony sighed as he roamed around the great Coliseum ensuring the place looked nice and tidy for the tourists tomorrow. Then he heard a sound coming from the main floor inside the Coliseum where great warriors fought centuries ago. When Tony started a couple of months ago, the experienced co-workers scared him when they said near midnight you could hear the sounds of the dead that died there. If you ever saw these ghosts, death was imminent. Tony hasn't seen or heard anything since starting so he just assumed they were playing him like a fool.

He shined his flashlight from left to right from the staircase, yelling, "Anybody there?!"

Nothing returned back. Tony continued to descend to investigate further. Just as when Tony began to lose hope that these ghosts even exist, he heard a crunch sound and rushed over to satisfy his curiosity. He saw a hooded man fleeing the scene leaving behind a pool of blood with a woman faced down in the middle of it. This was not a typical work day or even the imagination of what will happen next.


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