Flash Fiction #33

The sun was starting to descend in the sky as the time reached early evening. Jackie decided to take a walk after dinner and he ended up in the nearby park. As he pass by a lonely bench, he decided on the spot to take a seat. Jackie leaned back against the bench and looked up at the naked trees. "Looks like winter is about to be over. Weather is warming up, and..."

Then he heard a female voice beside him, "And most of the snow has melted, right?"

Jackie turned his head to see who had this familiar voice. It was his friend, Kim. He lied, "I wasn't going to say that at all, Kim."

She sat down beside him on the bench. "What were you going to say then?"

He took a deep breath to try to come up with something on the spot. "Well, I was going to say that the flowers will be blooming soon."

She seemed to have fallen for it, and laughed. "Good one, Jackie. I thought I knew how you thought for a moment there."

"There's so many things you don't know about me yet." Jackie joined on the laughter and it slowly died down into silence. After a while, he asked, "How is everything, Kim?"

"Life has been busy with work, but I can't complain. There are more unfortunate people out there. What about you?"

He sighed, putting his hands into his pockets. "It was hard the past couple of months. I thought I could find a reason why she broke up with me, but there was nothing I could do to find the truth."

She nodded. "It was shocking how she broke it up all of a sudden. I honestly thought you two were totally compatible with one another. Hobbies, music, personality, you guys had everything aligned."

"But I think what hurts the most is she didn't have the decency to end it face to face. Why would she do that?" Jackie turned to look at Kim, eyes tearing up. "I couldn't even argue, or ask her for any reasons. It was so cold."

Kim placed her hand on his forearm for a comforting gesture. "If she really truly loved you, she wouldn't do that without stating her reason, right? It's not your fault. You did everything you could have done."

"Thanks," he replied, wiping his nose with the back of his hand. "I'm sorry for being down all of the time the past couple months. You're the only one that I can talk openly without fear, even if I may not have gotten over her now."

"No worries, I know that it takes time to heal. It's part of moving on. We've all been there." Kim shook her head, smiling.

"But you've been with your boyfriend for years!" Jackie exclaimed, surprised she would say that.

She laughed after Jackie said that. "He wasn't my first boyfriend. Gosh, you're funny, Jackie."

Jackie's cheeks turned red at his naivety. He was always truthful to Kim, but not now. It was an understatement how much he was feeling since the break up, but he tried to downplay it to pretend he was better than what he actually was feeling. He shifted on the bench uncomfortably, and said, "There's something I want to tell you, Kim. I lied to you just now."

She turned to look at him after staring out into the distance in front of them. "What is it?"

He met her eyes and couldn't break eye contact before saying what he wanted to say. "When you were finishing my sentence, that was exactly what I was going to say. After the break up, I felt that everyone knew what I was feeling or thinking, and I wanted to defy that logic even if it was childish."

Kim interrupted him, smiling. "I know."


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