Flash Fiction #29

I had this idea from something that happened which probably isn't related to what really happened... But anyway, this short short story is an inspiration from this randomly occurred event. Hope you enjoy! =)


4:30 PM. Just thirty more minutes until the end of another work day, and I get to go home to relax for the evening. No troubles today fortunately. When a minute passed by, a co-worker, Glenn, noticed something that was in the corner of the office.

He said as he stood up to walk over to the corner, "You guys have to take a look at this!"

David stopped typing at his work computer, and turned around in his office chair at Glenn. "What is it?"

"It's so cool and amazing, yet interesting at the same time." Glenn continued on still being mysterious.

Then Nick turned around at his desk, and both him and David made their way to Glenn with raised eyebrows. "This better be good," Nick said as they were walking over there.

When the three co-workers didn't come back to their desks after five seconds, I couldn't help but glance over at them with curiosity. I couldn't hear their conversation as they were whispering. I finally couldn't dissolve my curiosity, and made my way over there just to see what was going on. I had thought there may have been a small, cute rodent that somehow got into the office. What I found instead was an above-average black spider with long legs.

I yelled as I jumped back, startled, "Oh my god!"

The three co-workers turned around, looked at me, and laughed causing my face to turn a beet red colour. I immediately went to the opposite side of the office looking petrified. After the initial shock and taking a couple of deep breaths to calm down, I heaved a sigh. There goes the monotonous type of day in just one second all because I couldn't stop my curiosity.


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